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Vision Without Glasses Reviewed Program - Samantha Pearson

The Human Eye Is One Of The Most Unique Inventions Of Nature

Visual system, the visual analyzer, sensory apparatus, as they call the human eye is one of the most unique inventions of nature.

Perfect combination of shape, size and functionality admired. All this suggests that the human eye is perfect, but is it true?


Eyes Play A Vital Role In Everyone's Life

Eyes play a vital role in everyone's life, because the man perceives it 80% of the information through the eyes, and 80% of memories associated with different visual images, thanks to our body of view, we can not only remember some actions and events, but also to recognize them at the second ... [more]

To Determines Eye Color - Samantha Pearson

What determines eye color - Color Eye determines the amount of melanin, a substance present in the iris.

If it is a lot, then your eyes will be dark, if a little - that bright. If melanin is absent, then such people called albinos because transparent eye color with reddish veins ...


The Color Changing Of Eyes - Restore Your Vision Today

If your eyes chameleons change color from blue to hazel, then it is very noticeable to the naked eye. Is that considered the norm - Scientists and doctors do not believe his eyes chameleons something out of the ordinary.

This is the same individual characteristic, like hair color, ... [more]

What Is Laid For Us By Nature

What is laid for us by nature - our individual code, try to change that is needed. After intervening in the affairs of nature, we often injure them.

Amblyopia or "lazy eye" - a disease that is caused by functional disorders of the eye, with such a strong pathology noted decreased ... [more]

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